Miss Kavila Live Music Session – new location!

Great news at the beginning of a new year:
The very popular Miss Kavila Live Music Session has moved to a new beautiful location. From January 15th on Miss Kavila, her groovy band, that I am part of, and great guest singers will make you move on every second Thursday a month. FREE ENTRY! See you there!

Miss Kavila Live Music Session - Banner

Happy Prosperous New Year!

When I look back at 2014 I am happy to say that again it was a great year!
Therefore I want to thank all the nice people I met and worked with, ether on stage or off stage, all the great artists I had the pleasure to share the stage with,
my friends and all the people who support me in living my life as a musician. Even without mentioning names you sure know who you are 🙂
Although I made some experiences that were not so nice, but they are a part of the growing process, too.
Beside this I want to say thanks to the companies who make the equipment that I love to use.
So let’s make 2015 a awesome year!

Happy Prosperous New Year!
Happy New Year!

Miss Kavila Deluxe Night – WOW!

On December 28th it was time again for another Miss Kavila Deluxe Night. At this special event Miss Kavila invited Wolf Codera on saxophone and Dalma Lima on percussion to join the band. She also invited some well know singers to rock the house: Kim Greene, Fatma Tazegül, Faiz Mangat, , Volkan Baydar, Klyive and KB Kingsberry set the roof on fire and made 600 people partying.
Here you get great pictures from that awesome show! Make sure you’ll be there next time! 😉
Miss Kavila Deluxe Night 28.12.14 - Banner

At Wolf Codera’s SESSION POSSIBLE again

It’s been a while since I last was part of so I felt honored to be invited again for 2 shows again that November. “Session Possible” is a series of events that has been going for many years. For every show a band of great musicians is put together completed by awesome singers. It’s not unusual that the members of the band haven’t played together before and sometimes, like this time, they even don’t know each other. In my case, the only guys I already knew and played with before were Wolf Codera and Kieron, one of the singers. That’s what made it especially interesting 🙂
We had a great time together and I’m thankful for meeting such great people and awesome musicians:

Session Possible
Session Possible

Anna Schenk – Vocals
Mennana Ennaoui – Vocals
Kieron – Vocals
Jamal Dilmen – Vocals
U-Jean – Vocals
Adelmo Listorti – Keys, MD
Jon Rosenau – Guitar
Vitaly Zolotov – Guitar
Rolf Hering – Drums
Wolf Codera – Sax.

Double bass on German TV show

Last Sunday, Sept. 7th, I made my debut on double bass at the Sunday morning open air TV-show Fernsehgarten which is broadcasted live by ZDF. I was there with Peter Kraus, the “German Elvis”, who became famous when Germany discovered Rock’n’Roll in the mid 50s. Lately he made an album with hit songs from today that he made sound like they were done by him in the 50s. Peter is a charismatic 75 years old young man who was big fun to work with. Check out the performance here.
On German TV with Peter Kraus

The Bass Sleeve

You know that I have been enthusiastically using various products by MONO, including gig bags, bags, guitar straps, wallet etc. Now they introduced the Bass Sleeve & Guitar Sleeve. It’s light, slim, protective and has a unique, stylish design. Check out that video and then tell me you don’t like it. I can’t wait to put it around one of my basses and go play! 😉
MONO Creators - Bass Sleeve

Lee Sklar’s tips

Do you remember my post What makes a professional musician professional?
Leland “Lee” Sklar, one of my bass heroes who needs no introduction for sure, offers his
5 top tips for bassists here which fit to the points in my article. Good to see we share the same opinion, Leland 🙂
Jörg & Lee Sklar

Appearance on German television

On August 10th I had the great pleasure to be a part of the backing band for Tom Gaebel, a German singer who is famous for his powerful and punchy Big Band Tunes. Together we did 2 songs on a Sunday morning live open air TV-show called Fernsehgarten which has been running on ZDF (meaning Second German Television) since 1986. It was very interesting to get a look behind the scenes and to meet a lot of great people. Here is Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, the first song we performed that day.Tom Gaebel & Band

Awesome: True Collins at Nahetal-Arena

Last Saturday I played a awesome concert with True Collins near my hometown. The venue is called Nahetal-Arena. It’s an amphitheater with a capacity of 1200 people and it is technically very well equipped . We played there for the first time and it was almost sold out. The atmosphere was awesome and the audience was partying from the first song to the last. You’ll find a lot of great pictures of that night here and I will upload some videos soon, too.True Collins at Nahetal-Arena, 2014

Miss Kavila White Deluxe Night

Miss Kavila is a female singer who’s band I joined in early 2013. We’ve played many great gigs together including the once a month Miss Kavila Live Music Sessions. The Miss Kavila Deluxe Night is a series of special events where she presents a selection of well known singers who where guests at her sessions or she has worked with at other gigs. The band basically is the regular MK Band. Here you get an impression from the last Miss Kavila White Deluxe Night on July 11th. We had a lot of fun with all the talented singers and musicians that night on stage as well as off stage. Watch out, the next Miss Kavila Deluxe Night will be up soon…

Performing in this video:
– Nina Kutschera (voc.)
– AQuilla Fearon (voc.)
– Tansy Davis (voc.)
– Mario Siegmayer (voc.)

– Dalma Lima (perc.)
– René Letters (drums)
– Krisz Weinzierl (guit.)
– Rainer Scheithauer (keys)
– Björn Federspiel (flugelhorn)
– Michelle Labonte (sax.)
– Jörg Feser (bass)

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