Miss Kavila White Deluxe Night

Miss Kavila is a female singer who’s band I joined in early 2013. We’ve played many great gigs together including the once a month Miss Kavila Live Music Sessions. The Miss Kavila Deluxe Night is a series of special events where she presents a selection of well known singers who where guests at her sessions or she has worked with at other gigs. The band basically is the regular MK Band. Here you get an impression from the last Miss Kavila White Deluxe Night on July 11th. We had a lot of fun with all the talented singers and musicians that night on stage as well as off stage. Watch out, the next Miss Kavila Deluxe Night will be up soon…

Performing in this video:
– Nina Kutschera (voc.)
– AQuilla Fearon (voc.)
– Tansy Davis (voc.)
– Mario Siegmayer (voc.)

– Dalma Lima (perc.)
– René Letters (drums)
– Krisz Weinzierl (guit.)
– Rainer Scheithauer (keys)
– Björn Federspiel (flugelhorn)
– Michelle Labonte (sax.)
– Jörg Feser (bass)

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