Back from NAMM

Since a little more than a week I’m back from NAMM.
It’s been my first time and it’s been an awesome time! Meeting so many amazing musicians from all over the world and hanging with my Markbass / Markbass Germany family, meeting old friends and making new ones was fantastic!
Check out some pictures I took here.

I’m already looking forward to see you there again next year!

At the London Bass Guitar Show 2016

Now it’s official:
I’m happy to announce that I will attend the London Bass Guitar Show
from March 12 – March 13. Together with Schack Guitars as an exhibitor I will be there for the first time ever!
So when you are around please visit us at booth B3 and check out our fantastic instruments and let’s jam together!

True Collins Live Video

I’m a founding member and bass player of TRUE COLLINS, Germany’s most authentic Phil Collins and Genesis tribute band. Since 10 years I’ve been playing a lot of great shows with this fantastic band and will continue doing so. Our latest promotion video (live) gives you an impression on what our shows are like. I hope you enjoy it!

9 out of 11

This is how I love it: in the end of June I played 9 shows within 11 days from Calw in southern Germany to Kiel in the very northern part of Germany. This meant about 2.500 km and long hours on the road but although it meant a lot of fun and great moments on stage with TRUE COLLINS, Miss Kavila and Traumbild, a new German pop act that I’m on promotion tour with currently.
The highlight for me was the True Collins show feat. The Brass-Connection at the end of this “tour” in my home area. Now I take a break from gigs until next Saturday…

Hope to see you soon!
True Collins - stage - Nahetal-Arena 2015

Musikmesse 2015

In the middle of April it was time for Musikmesse in Frankfurt again. For me the MarkWorld/Markbass – booth has been the place to be for many years. Like the years before I had a great time there meeting old friends and making new friends as well. You find some photos from the booth here.Thanks for visiting me and for checking out the new Markbass products. I hope to see you all again there next year!Jörg Musikmesse 2015

Happy Prosperous New Year!

When I look back at 2014 I am happy to say that again it was a great year!
Therefore I want to thank all the nice people I met and worked with, ether on stage or off stage, all the great artists I had the pleasure to share the stage with,
my friends and all the people who support me in living my life as a musician. Even without mentioning names you sure know who you are 🙂
Although I made some experiences that were not so nice, but they are a part of the growing process, too.
Beside this I want to say thanks to the companies who make the equipment that I love to use.
So let’s make 2015 a awesome year!

Happy Prosperous New Year!
Happy New Year!

Awesome: True Collins at Nahetal-Arena

Last Saturday I played a awesome concert with True Collins near my hometown. The venue is called Nahetal-Arena. It’s an amphitheater with a capacity of 1200 people and it is technically very well equipped . We played there for the first time and it was almost sold out. The atmosphere was awesome and the audience was partying from the first song to the last. You’ll find a lot of great pictures of that night here and I will upload some videos soon, too.True Collins at Nahetal-Arena, 2014

Musikmesse Frankfurt, 2014

The time at Musikmesse Frankfurt is a kind of annual family meeting for me. And every year the family is getting bigger. Thanks to everyone who came to meet me at the Markbass booth and thanks to all of you I had the pleasure to meet there at other places. I’m looking forward to see you again next time!
Musikmesse 2014

One word about endorsements

As you probably know I am attending at Musikmesse Frankfurt every year. I am there with Markbass, a Italian company I have an artist deal with.

Many of the musicians I meet there are telling me that the reason for them to go to Musikmesse is to get endorsement deals. Thats ok and it’s one of many purposes to attend a trade show.
What makes me think is that today I see a lot of “endorsement hoppers”. That’s what I call musicians who have endorsement deals, artist deals or what ever you call it, with one company one year and with another company the other year. Sometimes the periods are even shorter. To me it seems like some aim only for collecting equipment that they can get for free. For me this is not the way to go.

When I make a endorsement deal with a company I do it because I would buy (or I actually did buy) their products for the regular price anyway, because their products make my life easier, because I really love their products and I can identify with what they do and because I am proud to use them. To have a good relationship with the people at the companies my equipment is made by is very important for me as well.
Because I stick to this rule it’s no surprise that I have the same endorsement deals for many, many years now. On the other side, I wouldn’t stay with a company any longer if I wouldn’t be convinced by what they are doing anymore.

One more thought in that conjunction: Some say I am endorseing a company, some say I am endorsed by a company. From my point of view both is true. For me a endorsement deal only makes sense if it’s a benefit for both parties. I get something and of course I give something back. And that’s the way it should be, isn’t it?

Review Musikmesse 2013

Yes guys, I survived 4 days at the Musikmesse 2013! 🙂 It was pretty noisy from the first day on, increased and reached it’s peak on Saturday. We had something like 100 dB around the Markbass booth – constantly! You can imagine that talking was challenging. I was really happy that we had a great Espresso machine at the booth because I had a gig on Thursday 2 hours from Frankfurt and one or the other shot of caffeine made it more easy for me 😉 But hey, that’s the game!
Beside the fact that is was even more noisy than the years before, it was very much fun, like always. It was great to meet so many friends again, to make many new friends and meet many great musicians from all over the world.
Thanks to all of you who visited me at the Markbass booth and for all the interesting talks we had and thanks to Markbass Germany for their support. I hope to see you there again next time!
Leaving Musikmesse 2013