At Wolf Codera’s SESSION POSSIBLE again

It’s been a while since I last was part of so I felt honored to be invited again for 2 shows again that November. “Session Possible” is a series of events that has been going for many years. For every show a band of great musicians is put together completed by awesome singers. It’s not unusual that the members of the band haven’t played together before and sometimes, like this time, they even don’t know each other. In my case, the only guys I already knew and played with before were Wolf Codera and Kieron, one of the singers. That’s what made it especially interesting 🙂
We had a great time together and I’m thankful for meeting such great people and awesome musicians:

Session Possible
Session Possible

Anna Schenk – Vocals
Mennana Ennaoui – Vocals
Kieron – Vocals
Jamal Dilmen – Vocals
U-Jean – Vocals
Adelmo Listorti – Keys, MD
Jon Rosenau – Guitar
Vitaly Zolotov – Guitar
Rolf Hering – Drums
Wolf Codera – Sax.

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