Back then
While he grew up living with his parents and his older sister he was surrounded by many different styles of music almost all day. Although no one in this family was playing an instrument, there was everything from Motown to 80’s Pop and most things in between playing on the radio and coming from records. His mother was dancing around the house while listening o the radio, his dad was singing along to his favorite songs in the car.
Joerg loved the how listening to music made him feel and he always loved various genres. Pretty early he noticed that he especially fell in love with those low powerful frequencies, but it took a while till he finally got his first bass at the age of 15.

From that day on playing bass and making music is his passion. Over the years he has played with a large number of well known and unknown German and international artists in from almost every genre, whether Soul, Neo-Soul R’n’B, Pop, Rock, Afro-Cuban music and Gospel.
From the very first time picked up the bass – or even before that – he has always wanted to play great songs in a band and support the artist.
So it’s no surprise that he has became what you call a “musican’s musician”. To him it’s all about the song. He loves to lay down a solid, tight groove foundation with the drummer on which his bandmates can build on, the lead vocalist can rely on and the audience can dance to.
His fellow musicians appreciate Joerg’s ever present but never intrusive style of playing. His personality coupled with his musical abilities and
professional work ethic is what makes him a sought-after sideman for a lot of artist, may it be live, on tv shows or in the studio.
Beside this he is working as a musical director and music contractor, gets invited to play at popular sessions frequently and does workshops and clinics.