About me

Back then
Jörg was born in 1974 in Bingen, Germany. While he grew up living with his parents and his older sister, he was surrounded by different styles of music playing all day.
There was everything from Motown to 80’s Pop and most things in between on the radio and from the records. He had been infected by music and especially those low powerful
frequencies for a while when he finally decided to get his first bass guitar at the age of 16. From that day on making music and playing bass is his passion.
After he owned a bass for only one week he became the youngest member of a just founded Top40 band. With that he played a huge amount of gigs in the following years.
Since then he has played with a large number of well known and unknown German and international artists in different bands from almost every genre, whether Soul, Neo-Soul R’n’B, Pop and Top40, but also Rock and Gospel.
Additionally he has been playing a lot of gigs as a sub and still enjoys doing that very much.

Jörg has become what you call a “musican’s musician”. He loves to lay down a solid groove foundation with the drummer that the other musicians can built on and the lead vocalist can rely on.
His fellow musicians appreciate his ever present but never intrusive style of playing. His personality coupled with his musical abilities and skills is what makes him a sought-after sideman for a lot of artist he is playing with all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Beside this frequently is a popular guest at top sessions.