Review Musikmesse 2013

Yes guys, I survived 4 days at the Musikmesse 2013! 🙂 It was pretty noisy from the first day on, increased and reached it’s peak on Saturday. We had something like 100 dB around the Markbass booth – constantly! You can imagine that talking was challenging. I was really happy that we had a great Espresso machine at the booth because I had a gig on Thursday 2 hours from Frankfurt and one or the other shot of caffeine made it more easy for me 😉 But hey, that’s the game!
Beside the fact that is was even more noisy than the years before, it was very much fun, like always. It was great to meet so many friends again, to make many new friends and meet many great musicians from all over the world.
Thanks to all of you who visited me at the Markbass booth and for all the interesting talks we had and thanks to Markbass Germany for their support. I hope to see you there again next time!
Leaving Musikmesse 2013

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