True Collins at Kiel Week again

The Kiel Week (German: Kieler Woche) is an annual sailing event in Kiel, Germany. It is the largest sailing event in the world, and also one of the largest carnivals in Germany.It is held annually in the last complete week in June. Music lovers can enjoy about 300 concerts on 16 stages distributed over the city for free!

The stage that True Collins has been played for 6 years in a row is Maxstage (Maxbühne) right at the main station forecourt. The view from the stage to the crowd in front and the Volksfest and the carnival and harbor on the left is awesome.

I enjoyed it very much also in this year even though it had become pretty cold at night and it was raining a little bit. But that’s almost typical for that part of Germany :-).

To give you an impression on how it was here are two videos from 2014 and 2013. I hope you enjoy it!

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