True Collins feat. The Brass Connection

Although True Collins has received a lot of compliments for his authentic live sound and has been called the most authentic Phil Collins and Genesis tribute band in Germany by many critics, we always knew that a horn section is the missing piece to make the band sound even more authentic. We have been looking for a while and last year, almost coincidentally, we came across The Brass Connection. This well known horn section has been working with various artist on tour and on TV shows and since last winter these guys are playing with us as an optional part of the band. Now that we played a few gigs together I can say that it is really a huge gain for the band, musically as well as personally. These great guys fit in perfectly and it’s big fun goofing around 🙂
So either you have seen True Collins before or not, you definately have to come and see True Collins feat. The Brass Connection!

p.s.: Here is a clip from the first show together…

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