True Collins Anniversary Show

Last weekend TRUE COLLINS played shows in Nienburg and Walsrode. I was looking forward to those shows, but I didn’t know that the one on Friday in Nienburg would be a special one.
While we were setting up our gear and getting ready for soundcheck, Erik Schüßler, our drummer, who has been keeping records of every TRUE COLLINS gig since the very beginning, told us that this will be the 100th TRUE COLLINS show! He didn’t make a big fuss about it, but you could feel that his fact made it special for every one of us. And to me it’s worth posting it.
Let’s go for the next 100, guys! 🙂

True Collins at Kieler Woche again

Last Tuesday TRUE COLLINS hit the stage at Kieler Woche for the 4th year in a row!
And again it was great and worth the 650 Km drive for me to get there. Like the years before the atmosphere and the audience were fantastic and this time the weather was nice, too.
Check out some photos of the show taken by Rockpixx here.

I hope to be back at Kieler Woche in 2013 for the 5th time!

True Collins – 2nd time at Maiwoche, Osnabrück

For the 2nd time TRUE COLLINS played the mainstage at Maiwoche 2012 in Osnabrück. The stage, the lights, the PA and the LED-wall were great but it was the amazing audience that made this show very special!
Due to the fact that I alreday played gigs the days before and only had 5 hours of sleep the prior night I expected to be not very energetic that night. But the enthusiasm of 3000 people who were celebrating in front of us during the whole show made me dance and celebrate on stage, too. Thanks to Osnabrück! We will be back… 🙂

At Mono Case, Musikmesse Frankfurt

As I am traveling to gigs by plane or train more and more Mono Case caught my attention. I’ve been using a M80 hybrid case to carry my bass for about 6 months and I love it for many reasons. The most important ones to me are the large packing space that it offers, the very comfortable shoulder straps in combination with its low weight which makes walking long distances to the gate or running for a train much easier, the fact that it fits into an overhead compartment on a plane and the over all protection it provides for your intrument.

At Musikmesse, Frankfurt, I had the chance to meet Randy Couvillon, Global Account Manager. He introduced me to the new fantastic products for 2012. One of them is the Vertigo, a new hybrid case with a super protective bumper at the bottom and some other cool and useful features. I hope I’ll get one soon 🙂 By the way: Mono Case products will be distributed in Germany by Ahead Music and will be available there from summer 2012.
Go and check it out …and GO PLAY 🙂
p.s.: I wonder if the business class upgrade on the flight to Hamburg was only because of the M80.., 😉

Gig at an Apple corporate event

Last Monday I was booked for a show at an Apple corporate event in Frankfurt. My bandmates in the backing band for Lisa Bund were Patrick Embach (keys & vocals), Patrick Schneller (drums) and Mathhias Kloepsch (guitar & vocals).
At first we were a bit confused because we were allready asked to please play not too loud although we were booked as a party band. But after the first couple of songs our doubts were gone and it was clear that we were the right band at the right event. The place was packed with more than 200 Apple employees who wanted to have fun. And as they started to party like there is no tomorrow all thoughts about the volume limit suddenly were gone 🙂 Everybody was having a good time and I’m looking forward to play with this great band again soon.

A Gig in my hometown

Last Saturday it was the 4th annual TRUE COLLINS-Show in my hometown, Bingen. To me it’s always special to play a sold out show in front of my family, friends, buddies and people who know me from everyday situations like the girl who works at the bakery around the corner. I had a lot of fun chating with people who some of them I haven’t met for years. When we stepped on stage the audience gave us a very warm welcome and they let us know loud and cleare that it’s going to be a great night. And that is what it was!
We will be back in Bingen in 2013 for sure 🙂

At Musikmesse with Markbass

It’s always been great fun being with Markbass at the Musikmesse, Frankfurt. This year I will be at their booth (hall 4.0, E82) again but due to my gig calendar I can only be there on March 22nd and March 23rd. Take the chance to check out the new products of that inovative company, enjoy the performances of various international Markbass artists and have a italian espresso and a chat with me 🙂
I’m looking forward to see you there!

TRUE COLLINS live in Bingen: sold out – again!

I just got the information that the 4th annual TRUE COLLINS show in my hometown Bingen on March 17th is sold out, like the 3 previous shows we played there, too.
This annual show especially for me is a highlight because so many friends and my family come to see me… and the rest of the band 🙂
I hope you allready got your tickets and we will have a great party.

A Night Of Genesis – What a night!

At A Night Of Genesis TRUE COLLINS for the first time played a show featuring another Genesis Tribute-Band: Nursery Cryme. The event started with over 2 hours of Genesis songs from the Peter Gabriel era performed by Nursery Cryme followed by 2 plus something hours of Genesis songs from the 80s and 90s as well some Phil Collins hits celebrated by TRUE COLLINS. It was a long night of great music and the musicians as well as the audience enjoyed the full package. So if you love “the old stuff” and want to hear songs like Firth Of Fith, Los Endos, Watcher Of The Skies and more, go out and see Nursery Cryme

TRUE COLLINS welcomes the new guy

With the end of 2011 came a change in the lineup of TRUE COLLINS: After being a member from the very beginning, Harry decided
to go into a different direction and it was his wish to leave the band. So me and the other original members give a warm welcome to Pino, our new guitar player. I’m looking forward to the gigs with him and to the time we will spend together. Take a chance and check him out and feel the fresh wind he’s bringing in!

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