At Mono Case, Musikmesse Frankfurt

As I am traveling to gigs by plane or train more and more Mono Case caught my attention. I’ve been using a M80 hybrid case to carry my bass for about 6 months and I love it for many reasons. The most important ones to me are the large packing space that it offers, the very comfortable shoulder straps in combination with its low weight which makes walking long distances to the gate or running for a train much easier, the fact that it fits into an overhead compartment on a plane and the over all protection it provides for your intrument.

At Musikmesse, Frankfurt, I had the chance to meet Randy Couvillon, Global Account Manager. He introduced me to the new fantastic products for 2012. One of them is the Vertigo, a new hybrid case with a super protective bumper at the bottom and some other cool and useful features. I hope I’ll get one soon 🙂 By the way: Mono Case products will be distributed in Germany by Ahead Music and will be available there from summer 2012.
Go and check it out …and GO PLAY 🙂
p.s.: I wonder if the business class upgrade on the flight to Hamburg was only because of the M80.., 😉

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