At Musikmesse with Markbass

For me it was the 7th year beeing at Musikmesse with the Markbass familiy. Due to a gig with True Collins on Saturday, this time I was only able to be at the booth for 3 days. But again a had a great time. It’s always a pleasure to be with great people of theContinue reading “At Musikmesse with Markbass”

Schack’s wood store

Yesterday I got a very exciting personal tour around the huge wood store of Schack Guitars. I spoke to Nico Schack about the sound I am looking for in my next bass. He explained the tone characters of different woods and wood combinations to me and showed me some beautiful pieces of exclusive woods thatContinue reading “Schack’s wood store”

My Equipment

I’m frequently asked about the equipment I’m using. I honestly can tell you that I’ve been playing Schack-Guitars bass guitars for almost 20 years and Markbass amps and cabinets for 7 years and I absolutely love that gear. For me Schack-Guitars and Markbass amps/cabinets is the best German-Italien combination since Michael Schumacher and Ferrari…