True Collins – 2nd time at Maiwoche, Osnabrück

For the 2nd time TRUE COLLINS played the mainstage at Maiwoche 2012 in Osnabrück. The stage, the lights, the PA and the LED-wall were great but it was the amazing audience that made this show very special! Due to the fact that I alreday played gigs the days before and only had 5 hours ofContinue reading “True Collins – 2nd time at Maiwoche, Osnabrück”

A Gig in my hometown

Last Saturday it was the 4th annual TRUE COLLINS-Show in my hometown, Bingen. To me it’s always special to play a sold out show in front of my family, friends, buddies and people who know me from everyday situations like the girl who works at the bakery around the corner. I had a lot ofContinue reading “A Gig in my hometown”

TRUE COLLINS live in Bingen: sold out – again!

I just got the information that the 4th annual TRUE COLLINS show in my hometown Bingen on March 17th is sold out, like the 3 previous shows we played there, too. This annual show especially for me is a highlight because so many friends and my family come to see me… and the rest ofContinue reading “TRUE COLLINS live in Bingen: sold out – again!”

A Night Of Genesis – What a night!

At A Night Of Genesis TRUE COLLINS for the first time played a show featuring another Genesis Tribute-Band: Nursery Cryme. The event started with over 2 hours of Genesis songs from the Peter Gabriel era performed by Nursery Cryme followed by 2 plus something hours of Genesis songs from the 80s and 90s as wellContinue reading “A Night Of Genesis – What a night!”

TRUE COLLINS welcomes the new guy

With the end of 2011 came a change in the lineup of TRUE COLLINS: After being a member from the very beginning, Harry decided to go into a different direction and it was his wish to leave the band. So me and the other original members give a warm welcome to Pino, our new guitarContinue reading “TRUE COLLINS welcomes the new guy”