One word about endorsements

As you probably know I am attending at Musikmesse Frankfurt every year. I am there with Markbass, a Italian company I have an artist deal with. Many of the musicians I meet there are telling me that the reason for them to go to Musikmesse is to get endorsement deals. Thats ok and it’s oneContinue reading “One word about endorsements”

On tour with The John Idan Group

Recently I was asked to be the bassist for the current Germany tour of The John Idan Group. John Idan has been the lead vocalist and bassist of The Yardbirds with whom he played a huge number of shows in different parts of the world. John decided to tour as a trio, with himself onContinue reading “On tour with The John Idan Group”

At Mono Case, Musikmesse Frankfurt

As I am traveling to gigs by plane or train more and more Mono Case caught my attention. I’ve been using a M80 hybrid case to carry my bass for about 6 months and I love it for many reasons. The most important ones to me are the large packing space that it offers, theContinue reading “At Mono Case, Musikmesse Frankfurt”

Never without my bass ;-)

Recently I got a new gig bag to carry my bass around especially when I travel to gigs by train or by plane. The Mono Case M80 makes carrying my bass so comfortable that I literally take it wherever I go 🙂 It’s light, it’s protective and it’s small enough to fit into a overheadContinue reading “Never without my bass ;-)”