Recording the “Traumbild” debut album

In late 2013 Andi Wiener, a singer, songwriter, keyboarder and composer I’ve been playing with in different bands and projects, asked me to join his new project called Traumbild. I listened to some demos of tasteful pop / rock songs with German lyrics and I liked them very much. So I happily accepted his invitation to join the band and to play bass on the debut album which will be released in spring 2014.

On the first weekend of January Andi Wiener, Krisz Weinzierl, the guitarist of “Traumbild” with whom I’m also playing in other bands, and I went to the Principal Studios to record some final guitar tracks and the bass tracks for most of the songs. The producer there is Henning Verlage, best known for his work with the German multi Echo-Award winning top act Unheilig. It was a great experience and I’m really looking forward to listen to the final recordings. Here you get a little inside view of how it was like in the studio. Enjoy!

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